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Holy &*$^, it's a BOY!

April 13, 2018


April 30, 2014.  Induction day!  After what felt like an eternity of waiting to meet our new baby, I’m laying in the OR.  The baby was in distress.  They had to get him/her out as soon as possible.  Then, 3:52 pm…”Holy &*$^, it’s a BOY!”  


We decided not to find out the geder of our 4th child.  We have 3 girls, so we figured we knew it was another girl.  After all, Jeff didn’t make boys, right?  You can imagine our shock and joy when we found out it was a boy!  After about an hour, and letting it sink in that we had a son, it struck.  Wait, we don’t know how to raise boys!  Little did we know, it was going to be quite a ride!  


Being a parent is being a parent, we thought.  We would just do everything the same as we did with our girls.  Boys and girls are inherently the same, right?  WRONG!  Whoever came up with that line, obviously didn’t have both genders!  The quote “support wildlife, raise boys” could not be more accurate.  Don’t get me wrong, raising girls isn’t a breeze…but it is different.  I think of it as raising girls uses our brain more, and raising boys uses our body more.  It’s always physical!  And loud!  The constant car noises and crashes, the jumping off of furniture…it’s never-ending!  There’s more dirt on this planet than I ever realized, and somehow my amazing little boy has managed to track much of it into my house. It’s like a super-power!  


And what about the toilet talk?  Why does everything have to be about poop?  And why is it an unwritten rule that as long as it’s above freezing, boys pee outside?  This winter, we even managed to work on our letters by having Wes pee in the snow!  


But then there’s that part of a little boy, that always manages to melt his mamma’s heart.  “Mommy, I’m your best guy”, “Mommy, can we snuggle?”  No matter how loud and dirty our day is, at the end of each day, the dirt washes off and the noises become whispers and he snuggles up in my lap, and all the world is right.  


"There's this boy...I think he stole my heart...he calls me Mom"

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