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April 4, 2018

My name is Gretchen.  I am a 35 year-old woman from Minnesota.  I have a wonderful husband, Jeff, and 4 amazing children.  Our oldest 2 children are my 'bonus children' (how cool is that label for them?!)  meaning I am their 'step-mom(I hate that word!).  They are both girls and are in the thick of their teenage years, being 17 and 13.  Our younger two are my biological children.  Our daughter is 6 (and a half) and our son is 3 (and a half).  I have been corrected more than enough times to never forget the 'and a half' again!

I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years before we decided to have me stay home with our littles.  Our son will go to Kindergarten in the fall of 2019, so I'm at a place in my life where I have to decide what my next chapter is...will I go back to teaching, or will I change my career path?  

This blog is meant to make you all feel good enough and normal.  In today's society, we are all pressured so much to make sure our kids are dressed to the nines, have the most organic and nutritious meals, and are involved  in the right activities for the right amount of time of their lives.  It's so stressful!  I'm here to tell you...that's NOT me...and I'm good enough!  So are you!  My kids wear clothes from Target ( and they don't always match!) and sometimes they have donuts for breakfast!  But I'm here to tell you, they are happy and healthy and good enough too!  

With this blog, I hope to open your eyes to new ideas, new trains of thought, and maybe some really fun products you haven't heard about!  But the bottom line is, if you put in the effort and do what's right, you will be enough!  And so will your children! 

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